A Thorough Examination of Bird Poop Being Good Luck

This kid looks like he's in for a really lucky day

When it comes to things that are traditionally thought of as good luck, I tend to think about a rabbit’s foot, or a horseshoe, or maybe a lady bug.

Apparently I’m supposed to think of a bird’s feces landing on my head as good luck too.  Somehow it’s universally known that getting pooped on by a bird is good luck.

Is it though?

It seems like people say this every time a bird-pooping-on-man situation occurs, and yet I wonder if these people ever follow up to see if the poopee did indeed have good luck after.

Let’s see if we can dispel this myth once and for all through some serious investigation.

I actually know three people who have been pooped on by a bird in the last 10 days (one of them is me).  That number alone is startling.  The first incident was at a wedding I attended in D.C. two weekends ago. Between the ceremony and reception, we were enjoying a cocktail hour outside when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a steaming white dump fall from the sky.  Some poor guy got it all over his head and his nice suit. Of course the fact that his body and clothes got poop on them has to be considered bad luck.  If the myth of “bird poop equals good luck” is going to hold up, the poopee needs particularly awesome luck after this initial bout of bad luck, right?  Jump ahead four hours in the night, and this guy gets kicked out of the wedding reception by his own fiancee because she caught him dancing too provocatively with another woman.  The only way I can imagine bird poop being a good luck charm for this guy is if he was looking to get out of his engagement and this provided the perfect spark for that fight.  Otherwise, that is some shitty luck right there.

The second occurrence came last weekend when I left work early to go enjoy a nice day at the park.  I had a perfect plan that included drinking a six-pack and laughing at the ridiculous hipsters in the park, but I didn’t plan for the bird poop that splattered on my shirt right before I got there. I had no way to change my shirt for the next three hours so I enjoyed my beers with a nice white stain on me.  And there was really nothing lucky about my night…had dinner, got drunk, went to a karaoke bar.  Maybe you can consider it lucky that I didn’t get hit by a car while sprinting across Market Street for a late night cookie dough purchase from the grocery store.  I think we can consider my luck neutral during the post-pooping hours.

And finally, the third incident in question.  The pooping occurred only two days after my situation, and this person was actually at a race track betting on horses when it happened.  If ever the “getting pooped on is good luck” theory was going to be validated, it was this girl in this situation.  And what exactly happened?  Nothing good.  She didn’t win any money, and I found out that this particular bird had such a large bowel movement that it actually splattered on three or four people. Sounds like awesome luck, right?  Once again, no particularly good luck for any of these people in the days following all this.

There are only two other times in my past where I can remember being part of a bird poop situation.  It happened to me when I was in line to pay for a ticket to the Boston Aquarium my senior year of college.  But I think I had eaten some interesting mushrooms earlier that day so I don’t remember much more about it.  I probably spent three hours in the aquarium walking around with shit all over me, not a care in the world. The other memory is by far my favorite bird pooping moment of all time. It must have been 20 years ago when my family was in York Beach, Maine, for a summer vacation.  My brothers and I were on a morning walk along the beach with my grandfather.  One of the brothers thought it would be funny to throw his sandal at a couple of seagulls.  You know, fire a warning shot across their noses or something.  Well wouldn’t you know…the seagull he came closest to hitting took off into the air, swooped right over us, and dropped the ultimate revenge shit right on my brother’s head.  I’ve never had more respect for an animal than I did for that bird.  And of course this was terrible luck.  Now my brother had to go into a freezing ocean at 8AM to wash off his poop-encrusted hair.

I think we can officially consider this myth dispelled.  But you’ve gotta wonder, where did this ridiculous notion of good luck come from?  I scoured the web, and there appears to be a lack of information on this topic.  Here were my two favorite theories that I found:

1). “It’s considered good luck because you’re lucky that horses can’t fly.”  It’s a thinking man’s joke…go ahead and take your time to figure it out.

2). “It’s considered good luck because the odds of it happening to you are like one in a billion, which is more rare than winning the lottery.  So statistically if you’re able to get bird poop on you, then you should be able to win the lottery.”  Where do I begin with this ridiculous thought? Oh, how about the fact that I know three people who have been shit on in the past 10 days?  Or what about the odds of being struck by lightning or being in a plane crash?  Those are statistically far-fetched too.  I guess if one of those things happens to you it’s going to be your lucky day?

What does everyone else think?  Any good “bird pooped on me and then I had awesome luck” stories?

61 thoughts on “A Thorough Examination of Bird Poop Being Good Luck

  1. I think you are reading the York Bech incident all wrong. Bird shits on Pueto, Pueto gets Pueto’s life. We know Pueto is best at everything and everyone likes him best out of the three of us. So that was probably a lifetime of good luck.

    • Hi
      Let me tell you this short sad story, when I was about 20 years old somewhere in southern Africa we went to a club with my 2 sisters, earlier that day we were sitting outside my house a bird pooed on me everybody laughed we thought it was quite funny.Later that night we went to a club where I was nearly raped by 15 boys.the ordeal went for about 2 hours but nobody managed to rape me so you think, sad story right but I was saved if this is not good luck I don’t know what it is.today a bird pooed on me so I am waiting.I will keep you posted.

  2. …. and the sea gull flew away laughing his tail feathers off. Then went for lunch at the local dumpster to arm his bowels for his afternoon target. I hate sea gulls.

  3. Earlier today I was walking outside to get into the car, I stood by the door waiting for my boyfriend to toss me the keys and just as I looked over at him a bird took a nice big poop partially in my hair and straight down my right shoulder. I happened to be texting a college buddy of mine and my boyfriends at the time and I told him the embarrassing event that just occurred to me. He then proceeded to tell me that he heard once it was a “good omen” to get shit on by a bird. Well I wiped off the shit and we proceeded to the store. We ended up in Sonic drive-thru to grab a snack and I opened the center console and remembered there was a lottery ticket in there from earlier that morning. I scratched it off just like always, I never win but I still buy them for the fun of it. Well wouldn’t you know it just so happened to be a winning ticket. ($200) for a $5 tennessee lottery ticket. Maybe it’s not such back luck after all?

    • Got pooped on at the aquarium today. Just searched if getting pooped on was good or bad luck. Came across this! Saw the posts about lotto tickets so I ran to the store and picked up a scratch off! $50.00!!!!! No kidding!!!! Maybe it’s just a fluke but ill take it 🙂

  4. […] A Thorough Examination of Bird Poop Being Good Luck: I don’t know what it is about this blog, but it’s singlehandedly putting my kids through college. This particular post gets a minimum of 25 views per day. I think it’s due to the fact that there’s no good info on the web about why people say being shat on by a bird is good luck. After monitoring the success of this post for the last nine months, I walk around all day praying to get bird diarrhea all over my head. I want a reason to write a second post about this topic. It might take my monthly views from 2,500 to 25 Million. […]

  5. beenpooped on few months ago and i havnt seen anything yet that is good but when i see it ill tell ya

  6. A bird shit on me on my way back from a farewell lunch on my last day working for this company. I will follow up with this blog to see how long I am unemployed…..

  7. Just been walking the dog and got sh*t on by a bird, all over my jumper and jeans. Came home and checked last night’s lottery ticket… I’d say the theory is bullsh*t 🙂

  8. I got pooped on (my back whilst sunbathing in my garden) so jumped onto this site to see how lucky it was. Mid way through reading I was interrupted by a call about going for a job interview! That HAS to be lucky! 👍👏😃

  9. Also got shat on while walking my dog this morning! (And wearing my Roma soccer team jacket-this superstition is very prevalent among the Italians I grew up with, so it was doubly strange.) TOTALLY buying a lotto ticket tonight 🙂

  10. hey,so this morning I decided id wear my new bright orange dress,and while smoking,birdy decided to poop on my lap…..now im waiting for my goodluck to come

  11. hi my name is james and i reside in kenya. i just got pooped by a bird and i believe in good luck. one hour later–i get a call for a huge tender that i had applied that am in. the chances of gettin that tender were like one in a million and so was bird poop!

  12. got bird poop on my left shoulder today. had screwed a big interview in the morning. if I still get a call back then it’s good luck I guess.

  13. Hi James , could you come and take Obama , I think your village is missing their town idiot !! On another note,,,I was just crapped on by a bird still waiting,,,but my ex woke up on his birthday and got out of bed and stepped in a nice fresh pile of dog crap,, they say it’s supposed to be lucky,,so I said play your lottery numbers,,him being miserable as he is said forget it,,, and guess what!! It hit straight,,, you never know xo

  14. Just started a new job today and a bird shat on my hair and white shirt. The stains were treated with water and a Tide stain remover pen.
    It felt like bad luck to me.

  15. Today me and my husband went to the beach and were sitting down talking when a seagull came and pooped in my hair…my luck didnt turn out so good after all, my husband went to jail and i had on of the worst days ever, i guess i wanted to believe it was good luck cause i needed it , but no luck so far….

  16. I got a bird poop on my head today and told about it to our neighbor who was just passing by. He said he’d never heard anything about bird poop bringing good luck and made fun of me. So I searched google and found your blog. Thank you for writing such an amusing post! You are a great writer and I am excited to read your other posts too!

  17. Was pooped on yesterday morning, went to work at night and received the largest complaint ever which was escalated to the CEO. Returning to work today to see if I’ve gotten fired.

  18. Just got shat on a few minutes ago!
    I hope whatever luck comes my way will cover up for the stain on my favourite shirt!! Fucking birds!!!!!!

  19. Today i was outside smokeing when some strange looking flamingo like birds rolled up on my lawn in a flock, im new to florida apperently there common in these parts, anywho i was interested in there raptor like movements as they mowed thru my ungroomed lawn looking for small worms and lizards to devour, suddenly my sister came running out screaming for no reason other then to scare the shit out of my featherd guests, and that she did. They flew north, i said way to go, they turned back south headed strait for me and my sis, and literally about 12 of these birds had a poop just for us as they flew passed and bombs away. I beleive birds can develop a dislike to certain humans and when that happens they express there feelings with dodo, like some monkey’s and well… actually almost every animal on earth including some troubled or mentaly ill people. Luck has nothing to do with digested chemestry 🙂

  20. Two days ago i sat in my car with the sunroof open as I was on the phone for a conference call. When done with call I turned to passenger seat to put my phone down and saw a white and ochre colored blob on the seat. Oh shit! Bird poop!!! Fortunately the bird poop landed on the solid leather portion of the seat and not on the perforated leather portion where it would have been impossible to wipe off and clean. Tonight’s Powerball lottery is worth 500 million dollars! I purchased 23 tickets. I’ll see tonight how much luck the bird poop brought my way! They said one’s odds of winning are 1 in 175 million. If the odds of getting bird pooped are 1 in a billion, then my winning the Powerball tonight is a piece of cake. This is already my 2nd bird pooping. When I was is 8th grade playing left field in an intramural softball game, as the seagulls flew by, white poop landed on my hand! So that’s twice now that I’ve defied the odds and been pooped on!! 500 million — here I come!

  21. I got pooped by a bird today on my way to work. Guess what, all the cash machines were out of service so i had to call a friend at work to pay the cabbie as soon as i reached office….btw i have been pooped by birds on many occasions so i don’t think it has anything to do with luck. Its just a part of life in the city with lots of pigeons….@sandra_Marie don’t be a fucking racist…peace

  22. I’ve just for popped on by a bird walking home – watch this space – let’s hope it means good luck is coming my way ha ha ha ha 😉

  23. I got bird shit early this morning… straight on my very lucky pretty face!
    I’ve got nothing with me to wipe it off my forehead, nose and left cheek, so darn lucky, huh?
    But being such a positive person – I just thought that it’s a good thing I have my shades on and the poop didn’t landed on my dress
    since it’s Friday today, there will be a lot happening.
    I didn’t know there is such superstition about bird poop, not until today as I Googled “bird poop”. Now it got me really hoping for good luck. Ha ha!

  24. I dont know what the damn fucking problem is with my luck, but bird are shitting Regularly on me , yesterday and today also, and every month it happens with me from last 3-4 Years, how can it be possible,

  25. A few years ago I was at the beach enjoying a relaxing hot summer day when I got pooped on by a friendly seagull. That night we went to bingo at the local community club and I won! It wasn’t hundreds of dollars but it paid for my evening. Today I got pooped on again at a baseball game so I am gonna buy a lotto ticket. Wish me luck!!!!!

  26. I had a job interview a few days ago (on my son’s birthday…which must be prime time for me, as the last time I was shat on by a bird was his birthday). A couple hours before the interview, a feathered friend deposited a warm, gooey present on my hand (prime territory, this was the same hand involved in my previous experience). I found out today that I got the job, paying significantly more than my current job. Pretty great luck I’d say! 🙂

  27. I ask my father to buy me a $2000 laptop, and it has been approx 3 month, he didn’t bought me the laptop, and it’s just yesterday he told me,” let me see”, after that,this afternoon i went to had my lunch at the shop,and i got pooped, on my way home found this post, and in between reading this got a call from my father, asking me that” what is the cost of the laptop you’ve asked” i told him and he said okay I’ll sent the money.

  28. The bird pooped on my head yesterday evening and this morning I went to buy a lottery ticket and guess what I bought one ticket for $5 and won $10 on it. Then I bought 2 tickets from the same $10 and won on both tickets $6 and $100. And this is my first time doing lottery I never do it. God blessed me with so many things that I can’t ask any more so I never play lottery. But just because of bird poop I did it ,and I am shocked like anything.
    thank you god

  29. Well today I walked to a park with my baby sister, when I felt something hit my head. i thought it was my baby sister since she was sitting on my shoulders. When I touched my head I found out that a bird had decided to poop on my head. I went home with my baby sister still sat on my shoulders and one of my hands covering my head. Then I searched up if that could mean anything and I found this. Earlier on this week I couldnt decided if I should apply for a cambridge program for summer 2016. After reading this article and all the comments I decided to try and apply for it!! Hopefully the poop was worth it!!

  30. I was coming out of school and it was raining and me and my friend were messing around wafting our umbrellas at each other with the water from it going on us and I started to walk ahead and I felt something drop on me. At first I thought it was my friends splashing me with water but then i noticed it was warm and then we stopped because one of my friends said my name and told me I had bird poo in my hair and at first I didn’t believe them but It was all over the back of my hair and a tiny bit on my jumper. I’m just glad I have good fiends who told me and helped me get it off 🙂

  31. i went out on Monday to a nearby market to buy a small bottle of methylated spirit on my way back I noticed on my t shirt I got pooped on by a bird, i wiped it off I hear people say is good luck not for me, I got in a big quarell with my mother da folowing day I even moved out of da house, is it good luck for better things to come ahead I think so

  32. i got pooped on by my mothers bird when i was like 7, also pooped on when i was about 11 er 12, im now in my mid 30s n ive lived a lfe of agony and sadness ever since. being pooped on by a bird doesnt mean shit, sorry ppl

  33. I just had a thought: how about if I took a dump on some bird, wonder what results that would produce, double luck perhaps.

  34. Just got pooped on by a bird some few minutes ago. Now I’m looking forward to the good that will come out this. If something comes up will post it right away.

  35. I don’t know how if a bird pooing on you could bring good luck, but from where I come from people believe that bird shit brings good fortune. It may be that you got it wrong about the good luck part 😀

  36. Was dropping off a friend this early morning and at approximately 3 am we arrived at his gate and dang a mountain load of poop on my windscreen. I heard its got something to do with luck.. Time to see if the legend is true.

  37. Got shit on today at work. Walked outside for a mere minute when it hit me in my back(felt like a marble lol) looked down and was like ahhhhhh shit ! My boss confirmed the excessively large doody . I was only halfway through my shift thinking son of a…….. when someone( well quite a few people actually ) had said it was lucky . Ill get back to you guys on the luck thing if my sharks win the stanley cup lol

  38. I always used to think that you make your own luck in this world. I’ve been shat on twice in my life (today being the second) and a string of unfortunate events happened shortly after. After reading this blog post I decided to take a chance and bought a scratch card. Needless to say I didn’t win and I’m now £5 poorer than before I got shat on. Personally, I think being shat on is karma’s way of saying you shat on someone else, or that you’re just seriously unlucky. I think the theory of good luck just stems from people not wanting the shitted on to feel bad so people lie to make them feel better. Each to their own if you want to believe it though!

  39. I just got pooped on while sitting outside by the water watching a video on my cellular wondering if it will bring me good luck!! heres to hoping

  40. I just got shit on a few days ago…. Received some money unexpectedly…. I’d say it’s a go on the “Good Fortune”/ “Good Luck” consept…. Bring on the bird shit… Momma can use that money! Ha!!

  41. It is a beautiful day and I was driving a vintage Bentley Convertible, delivering it to a client, when I got pooped on the head by a bird. First I got mad, but then burst out laughing, because no matter how expensive the car is, The open top levels the playing field. 🙂
    Bought a lottery ticket just in case.

  42. Several years ago my husband and I were heading out to a car club meeting when I got pooped on in the back yard. I quickly ran back inside the house to change my top. When we arrived at the meeting I jokingly told some of the ladies there that I was going to win the gift card that was to be given at the end of the meeting because I had been pooped on. They just laughed at me. At the end to the meeting my ticket was the winner of the gift card, $50.00 to a local restaurant.

  43. well this is actually true..I have heard about people say you will get lucky when a bird shits on you..I never believed it until yesterday around 2pm I decided to step out of the room to do something all of a sudden I felt a splash on my right arm and I now looked up to see a little bird in the skies very high hovering over me..I thought to myself why would a bird take a shit on me and still be there hovering and also how it managed to do that perfectly up in that level..at first I thought it was bad luck and got furious but then am someone who believes in superstition so I decided to google to see what people think..everywhere people saying its my lucky day..I checked my astrology app and it was indeed a lucky date for zodiac..I didnt play the lottery though but I asked someone for some huge amount of money which this morning I got a reply from him saying he would help me..I think this myth is true why because I have asked this person s3veral times and he doesnt even replies me for a year now but just yesterday he did reply and gave me the money I asked…so I dont think its lottery itself it can be anything which you might not even know..

  44. Got pooped on by a bird yesterday – ON MY HEAD! 4 hours later, I scraped the left back passenger door of my car onto a pillar while trying to park in a parkade. Mind you, this spot is very similar to the size of my parking spot at home so I was confident I would park it perfectly the first try. Hopefully my luck comes today when I tell my dad about it.

  45. It’s pretty simple, I think. So this guy (way back when) is walking along, with some mates. A bird comes from no where and, does a tremendous shit on his shoulder….to keep his cool, he says:

    Omg! That’s so lucky, what are that chances of that! That’s a sign of good thing coming!!

    To turn the shitty situation around, and keep his cool image with his friends…. Well it worked because now everyone thinks it’s lucky 🤣

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