My Genius Creativity on Display through Custom Cookies

See, this is why I know I’ll be ridiculously successful in the entertainment industry.  For the going away party we had last week, Julie had her typical dorky idea—let’s custom order cookies, put a picture of us on them, and hand them out to our guests. If it was up to her, it probably would have been a picture of us kissing on a cliff overlooking the ocean while a sunset turns the sky a beautiful pink color.  That’s how you make people uncomfortable.  So I stepped in and decided we should go for funny over uncomfortable.  Boom, picture of me biting her face off.  Then she said she wanted to put some words on it.  Within seconds, boom again, I came up with, “Moving away from you bites!”

I probably don’t have to tell you how big of a hit these things were at our party.  Most people couldn’t even bring themselves to eat the cookie because they were so amazed by the creativity I put into it.

We have just a couple of these cookies leftover.  I was thinking about giving them away to a few friends who couldn’t make it to our party, but instead I think I’ll put them up for sale on Ebay and watch a bidding war ensue.