Molly Pulls Off One of the Greatest Revenge Schemes in Canine History

You wanna know how a pissed-off puppy gets back at you for forcing her to get spayed and endure two weeks of cone-wearing embarrassment?

She doesn’t freak out or act badly when you bring her home from the vet. She doesn’t try to rip your throat out with her fangs. She doesn’t go on a hunger strike.

And even when she pops your air mattress one night and you think that’s her payback, it’s not.

No, what she does is wait until you think you’ve gotten her completely housebroken, then drops one of these surprises on you:









The fucking asshole takes a piss on the carpet that spans like three rooms. I honestly didn’t know we had a room this long. For those of you who don’t own dogs, traditionally speaking a dog will sit still while peeing, usually getting it all in one spot. Usually.