My RSVP To All Wedding Invites in 2014 & 2015: Thanks, But No Thanks

I’m wondering if anyone else has recently had a conversation like the one Julie and I had while driving home from San Francisco last weekend:

Me: “So we’ve got Eamon’s wedding in March and Mike’s in July.”

Julie: “Yep, and Jen’s is in August so we’ll go back to Boston for a week for that. And now BLANK [name omitted because she’s not engaged yet but is already planning her wedding] might be getting married in September so we’ll be up in San Francisco for that…”

Me: “Great, so that takes us through the end of 2013. Maybe we’ll be able to take a vacation for ourselves some time in 2014?”

Keep in mind that it’s currently November of 2012, and already we’re hoping for our calendar to open up enough in 2014 to go away somewhere.

Is there acceptable etiquette for telling all of your friends that you’re declining the invite to their weddings because you might want to take a vacation for yourself once in the next two years?

Does this post come off as me complaining about having too many friends? It shouldn’t…I’m merely pointing out that people in my age range tend to get invited to a lot of weddings, and if you’re unlucky enough, they all come rapid-fire over an 18-month span.

This might sound extremely selfish, but if you want me at your wedding, don’t have it in 2014. And if you can’t help yourself because your fiancee is forcing you to get married in 2014, expect a nice $20 Starbuck’s gift card in the mail from me.