Talking about Kox…the Tiny kind

Tiny Kox: the name says it all

I’m probably late to the party with this post as I heard twitter is already blowing up about it, but I can’t help myself.  I just have to blog about Tiny Kox.  No, I didn’t say “tiny cocks” because I’m not talking about particularly small penises.

I’m talking about the man named Tiny Kox.  The less observant people might have missed it while reading CNN this morning, but sure enough, there’s a very upset Tiny Kox in this article: Observers Slam Russian Vote

Now, I did some research on this Tiny Kox, and it turns out his real name isn’t “Tiny.”  As you’ll notice here on Wikipedia his name is actually Martinus Josephus Maria (Tiny) Kox.

If that’s my real name, I’m going with either Martin Kox or Joe Kox as the name people should call me.  Hell, I’d gladly have people call me Maria Kox before they’re calling me Tiny Kox.

-Thanks to BAS for the tip.

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