Trendy Tops Literally Killed My Friend

You’ll wanna watch the first minute of this video at the very least for context purposes.

OK, fine.  The title of this post should read: Trendy Tops Figuratively Killed My “Friend.”

My “friend” is very upset with this product because if it catches on, he’ll no longer be able to pull his favorite move: the peek-a-boo panties (the commercial’s words, not mine).  Men will no longer be able to get a good look at how fat a woman’s stomach truly is when she reaches up to grab the family size bag of Maui Onion chips at the grocery store.  My “friend” can’t believe he won’t be able to judge a woman by the style of underwear he sees her wearing when she bends down to put on her shoes.  My “friend” hates the advancement of technology because of moments like this.

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