The Ultimate Debate: Sharing meals with our other at restaurants

Those of you who are longtime WBFF readers will faintly remember a blogger who worked for me and wrote blog posts infrequently.  His name was friedchips; it was a terrible name.  He’s fine…just in case you were wondering if he died or something.

But since he can’t seem to come up with a blog idea on his own, I tried to give him a nudge by emailing him with some questions.  I told him to give me as long of an explanation as he wanted, provide examples, throw out crazy theories, whatever.

The questions were: Do you find yourself splitting two entrees with your girlfriend sometimes when you go out to dinner?  Is it every time?  Do you like it?  How does she react if you decide one day that you want to eat the entire meal that you personally ordered, no sharing?

A total softball question that he should have crushed.

His response was: “I’m into splitting entrees.  We usually split everything.  Occasionally I don’t want to and I just say so and we don’t.”


I guess I was hoping he’d spawn this great debate that sheds light on the inherent differences between men and women.  He’d eloquently contrast man’s instinct to eat a 32oz ribeye and half-pound of potatoes by himself with woman’s instinct to share a few plates, one of which is always a salad.  And not a normal salad either.  One that has to include apples and walnuts and some lame dressing.

It seems a woman's ideal dinner looks like this
But this aligns better with a man's preference to demolish a meal on his own

I bet you think this blog is heading in the direction of me complaining about my girlfriend constantly wanting to split meals at restaurants.  But I actually couldn’t be happier with the fact that she always wants to split two entrees when we go out.  It’s a brilliant idea assuming two things: your girlfriend has your same exact taste and preferences for food as you, and on the rare occasion where you want to order something for yourself and not share it, she can be cool with that.

It goes against my instincts to always say yes to sharing, and part of me feels like I’m losing control over my life, but why wouldn’t you want to sample multiple things from a good restaurant?  The salad continues to be a deal breaker because for the most part I don’t consider it a full meal.

So I turn to you, dear blog readers, to help answer the age-old question: to share your meal or not to share your meal?  (Women should weigh in on this too…maybe it’s the guy that always wants to share in certain relationships)

3 thoughts on “The Ultimate Debate: Sharing meals with our other at restaurants

  1. Definitely pro meal sharing. It’s so disappointing when a dining partner doesn’t want to split. Sharing’s the best!

  2. my dining partner (aka Todd) always gets the better meal so I’m bummed when mine is not as good as it was described on the menu. then again…to not have Gunner & Trigger trying to eat everything off my plate would make me happy!

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