Choosing Your Meals for Your Last Day Alive

Traveling back to San Francisco from D.C. on Monday, I probably could have predicted that I wouldn’t be eating healthy at any point during the day.  Breakfast was going to be happening in the airport, and then I’d probably be too tired and lazy to go to the grocery store for lunch or dinner.  The day screamed “greasy takeout food,” but I definitely couldn’t have predicted just how amazingly gross my food intake would be.

Breakfast was a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich from Five Guys…with a burger patty added to it.  Amazingly there were about 25 other people at this restaurant in Dulles Airport ordering the same thing at 6AM.  That was washed down with a Diet Coke.  By the way, if you’re reading this and have never been to a Five Guys, stop reading right now and get to one.  It is definitely the best “fast food” burger you’ll ever eat.

Lunch was a Super Burrito at Pancho Villa in San Francisco.  Super meaning it had the works on it…cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, bacon fat, chocolate sauce and more.

And then finally for dinner, it was cheesesteak time at Phat Philly.  This wasn’t a normal cheesesteak situation though.  My friend had a groupon-like deal at this restaurant where our meal included a 12-inch cheesesteak each, an order of waffle fries topped with bacon and cheese wiz to split, one beer each and of course a dessert for each of us.

I joked shortly after that if I found out I only had one day to live, my meal choices for that final day wouldn’t be much different than what I consumed on Monday.  And it got me thinking…if you really did have only one day left to live, what would you choose to eat on that last day?

For me it would be the three meals I ate on Monday, but I’d add a fourth meal that would be a porterhouse steak with mac-and-cheese as the side.  And I would end my life with dessert in the form of as much ice cream as I could possibly eat.

Rather than put up a poll asking readers to vote on what their final day of meals would consist of, I’d like to see if we can get people adding comments to this post with their opinion.  I’ll be honest, the comment levels on this blog are pretty weak…maybe with the proper guidance you will all finally add some value to my already valuable blog posts.

I’ll be checking on the incoming comments while relieving my body of all that food from yesterday…just hope my iPad is charged up enough for me to spend all those hours in the bathroom.

9 thoughts on “Choosing Your Meals for Your Last Day Alive

  1. Breakfast- smoked duck on a bagel with cream cheese. omlette and fresh squeezed OJ. Finished with a cigarrette, newspaper and a cup of coffee

    Lunch- 1lb lobster roll with drawn butter, no mayo, claw meat but only from the claw that doesnt taste rubbery not the gimpy claw each lobster has. Fries that are a little soggy.

    Dinner- Shellfish platter, fried quails, porterhouse, mac n cheese with truffles, lots of creamed vegetables

    Dessert- ice cream

  2. Breakfast: triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Lunch: triple decker cheese sandwich. Dinner: nothing. I would rather spend the last several hours of my life doing something other than eating. Like drinking. Or maybe, well, you know.

  3. You really are my nephew… we don’t have to necessarily but them into meal categorization but the foods I would most certainly be eating on my last day alive…
    1. D’Angelo’s or Shaka steak and cheese
    2. Five Guys Burger and Fries
    3. Chauncey Creek 2+ lb lobster with extra buttah
    4. Grandma’s famous chocolate birthday cake with the chocolate frosting and a big glass of cold milk
    5. Grandma’s turkey dinner with all the fixin’s and anything else she wants to cook… lasagna, shepherd’s pie
    6. Brown’s Ice Cream – York, Maine
    …that should do it!

  4. To those of you who replied w/ lobster, you’re absolutely right. Complete oversight on my part. I would work lobster in throughout the day as an in between to my meals. No other seafood would crack my “last day alive” roster, but lobster certainly would.

  5. Breakfast: A buffet somewhere. 10 pieces of bacon, 2 omelets: 1 with crab and jack, the other with bacon. Add crispy potatoes. Croissants with blackberry jam. Washed down multiple bloody mary’s. Lunch: Dim sum and all of the dumplings I could eat at Yank Sing: Dinner at Harris Steakhouse. crab cakes, fried mushrooms, spinach salad with bacon, Poterhouse, Lobster, Scallop Potatoes washed down with a cab from Opus One. Late: babyback ribs!

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