Groupon Has Failed Me For the Last Time

Isn’t Groupon supposed to have deals specifically tailored to individuals? Why the hell do I go through the trouble of telling Groupon that I’m a male who lives in LA and only enjoys Sports and Food if the company’s just going to ignore all of my demographic data and clog my inbox with random deals? Even if the only thing they pay attention to is my gender, you’d think I wouldn’t have gotten this deal.

This is exactly why I pretty much ignore all Groupon emails at this point. At least Living Social sends me deals for Brazilian Steakhouses, Palm Springs getaways and Surfboard rentals.

Anyway, I’m curious from the ladies in the crowd: Is changing your name a big enough annoyance that it’s worth buying a Groupon deal to help out with this? Isn’t it as simple as changing your Facebook profile name?

One thought on “Groupon Has Failed Me For the Last Time

  1. While I agree Groupon does send random useless e-mails, changing your name is a BITCH! Start with the social security office then the DMV, car insurance, but don’t change it your doctors office before your health insurance….and then with the new identity paper work can you change your bank & credit cards

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