The Great TP Debate: It Exists

I bet when everyone read my post on Tuesday—Fallout From the Move—they laughed at me for thinking I could create a real argument based on which way the toilet paper goes on the dispenser.  I bet people dismissed it as quickly as Julie did when I tried to start a war with her.  “Stupid Ross, no one cares enough about toilet paper to get in a fight over it.”

Well apparently some people do care enough because this picture exists on the internet:

Just in case I wasn’t clear in that earlier post, I’m a B guy.

-thanks to Pueto for finding this picture

4 thoughts on “The Great TP Debate: It Exists

  1. I’m an A guy. I feel it’s easier to tear and more natural looking. But in the grand scheme of things, I don’t care.

  2. b all the way. the husband prefers a, but he won’t change a roll if it’s on the PROPER way. i, however, will change it to b if he’s the one who changed out the tp (and therefore replaced it in a).

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