Did the Justin Bieber Special Turn You into a Belieber? If You Didn’t Watch, Here’s Everything You Need To Know

The Justin Bieber: All Around the World special was on TV the last couple nights, and I had to watch because I already talked about how there’s no good TV on during the summer, and because I know nothing about the Biebs and wanted to see what all the fuss is about.  Before watching the special, I had never even heard one of his songs, and I definitely didn’t know he was Canadian.

Here are my quick thoughts on what I saw:

-What’s more awkward…me watching two hours of a Justin Bieber special or these three dudes at the Bieber concert being shown on TV right as Bieber is asking the crowd, “Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

Looks like at least one of these dudes wants to be The Biebs’ boyfriend

-He played a concert in Mexico City that had 250,000 people at it.  That seems like a lot.  I really don’t know enough about music history to put his fame/popularity in perspective.  I’d love it if an older person who knows about this stuff could put Bieber’s career in context compared to people like Elvis, The Beatles, NKOTB and Justin Timberlake.  Does he only seem like the most popular musician ever because of Twitter and the internet?  Or is he legit the most popular person ever?

-The TV special follows him around to European cities like Rome and Paris.  One thing I’m not envious about with him is that he’ll never get to go sightseeing in one of these cities like a normal person.  He’ll never be able to just decide spontaneously to go see the Coliseum, because 20,000 teenage girls would start scaling the Coliseum walls.

-But if there is one thing I’m jealous of with him (and there should be like 3 million things), it’s that he can approach a balcony or window anytime, anywhere, and a crowd of 10,000 people erupts in the streets.  I’d love for that to happen to me every time I go to my balcony at my apartment.

-Before every performance Bieber & his team stand in a circle, put their hands in the middle and chant “ducks ducks ducks, quack quack quack.”  It’s like he’s using amazing Mighty Ducks references just to force me to like him.

-Final thought: Which of these girls is going to most regret the way they reacted to an 18-year-old singer 10 years from now?  I know how this works (I was around many teenage girls when Timeberlake was at the peak of his powers, and I bet every one of them now regrets the freaking out they did whenever his name was mentioned).  These girls get a glimpse of Bieber and they either cry or faint…I really feel like they’re gonna regret this, especially the ones that were recorded on this TV special.  Their overreactions to Justin Bieber will be on Youtube forever:

These girls broke into a spontaneous “I love him, I love him, I love him” after seeing Biebs
This is your traditional “let’s hug so neither one of us falls down from over stimulation”

She’s really putting her heart out there for Justin

But this girl will not let another “hand heart” overshadow her’s

And finally, the total loss of control. Emotions bursting out of her, full meltdown mode